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Effortless Life Journey

Personal Transformation Leading to Powerful Breakthroughs

An intensive intervention for you

Reclaim your power: Restore your peace

What We Believe


When we claim our internal power, we transform who we are 'Being' and that transformers what we 'Do'.


We can dance effortlessly between 
Body, Mind, and Soul


Purpose has the power to liberate like nothing else


There is a new way of living, connected to nature and each other joyfully, blissfully, and powerfully

Meet Your Facilitators

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Gayatri Anandh

Gayatri is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) at ICF and a Spiritual Wellness Practitioner. She has served as an internal and external coach for Global organizations, NGOs, and Academic Institutions. She is  also a Mentor Coach, a Certified Reiki Master and teacher, and is certified as a Basic & Advanced Theta Healer. 

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Dattatreya Y.

Dattatreya is a Pofessional in transformational HR and OD and healer at heart practicing 8 therapies. He has attended to more than 1,00,000 individuals till date. As a Breakthrough Coach, he is successful with a blend of Emotional Intelligence and NLP. 

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