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ELJ Program

The Program

The transformation will take place through 3 phases

  • Clear your Past  & throw away unwanted and destructive Emotions

  • Learn how to read people and break away from habitual patterns

  • Enhance your Self Worth and Self Esteem for success in all dimensions

  • Learn and practice tools for resolving conflicts

  • Learn Psychological Games people play

  • Shift from External to Internal Power

  • A New Way of Living Energetically and Peacefully


  • Core Belief : Moving From disempowering beliefs to Powerful beliefs

  • Awareness of Personal Identity , Values 

  • Choose Empowering References

  • Clarify Life purpose, Goals, Priorities

  • Create your Uniqueness and Live it.

  • Understanding and Embracing Change

  • Create a Mindset for Future Needs, Passion and Purpose

  • Connecting with Higher Self

Create Your Reality

  • Spiritual Insights

  • Universal Laws

  • Self Inquiry

  • Going beyond Personhood

  • Awareness of Interferences

  • Blissful

  • A new way of Spiritual life

  • Unleashing Spiritual Grace

Practice Being

Clearing the Past:

Preparing for Future:

Living in the Present:

Structure of the Transformational Program

  • Phase 1, 2 and 3 are Modular in nature and may be undertaken independently

  • Each phase has an entry and exit criteria

  • Phase 1 is delivered across 4 Weekend days

    • 12 hrs Intensive online Sessions over weekends

    • One to One attention for specific needs during the week

  • Phase 2 is delivered across 6 Weekend days

    • 18 hrs Intensive Online Sessions

    • One to One attention for specific needs during the week

  • Phase 3 is delivered across 8 Weekend days

    • Lifetime Support ( Unlimited Intensive Sessions)

    • Weekly Check-in for Progress

    • Fortnightly Coaching Continuum for 6 months

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